STRAY a film by Thomas Richardson

"STRAY" the complete episodes

Episode 1a - Daddy dies in front of Lilly

Daddy's prelude. The Barn, where It will take place. Lilly witnesses her father's death. Title. The Salesman.

Episode 1b - Headshot by God

Salesman leaves his motel room. Open road. Evangelists and sermons. A moment of doubt? The finger of God.

Episode 2 - Salesman picks up woman hitchhiker

What happens when you're touched? The centre doesn't hold. The Salesman begins his odyssey.

Episode 3 - Lilly finds Salesman with hole in head

Lilly discovers the Salesman in her barnyard. Momma comes to help him. When Lilly turns her back: The Angel. They drag him into the house.

Episode 4 - Momma and Salesman on couch

The Salesman revives. Momma investigates the wallet. Lilly discovers one of Momma's intentions. The food.

Episode 5 - Lilly's kneesocks

Momma and the Salesman discuss Lilly. Lilly builds an altar. Momma looks into the fields. Lilly questions the Salesman and gets confused.

Episode 6 - Headwound penetration

Jenny Stearns: the Garden of Delight. Momma waits and listens. Momma wakens the Salesman. The penetration scene. Lilly talks with her father. The fence burns. What's that noise?

Episode 7 - Momma slain, Salesman falls

Lilly appears in kitchen. Burned hands. Momma is called out. Momma is shot as the Salesman struggles. Lilly fires again. Lilly is alone.

Episode 8 - Lilly's vision beyond the grave

Lilly's father appears to her in the barn. His song to her. End.