Webserial: Thomas Richardson Works

Two new BART books

Spraying and Training with words from the last century and pictures from my dreaming on BART.

Soul Food Farm Rising: a doc-thing by Thomas Richardson

On 3 September 2009 a wild fire swept through this small, family run chicken farm. It seemed like the end of the business. Friends, family and the larger community joined together to bring Soul Food Farms back to its feet.

STRAY: a film by Thomas Richardson

In the midst of a crisis of faith, a lonely traveling salesman is hit by a stray bullet. He struggles to a remote barn where time has stopped. The young mother and daughter who find him there show their affections for the stranger in unexpected ways.

Blogging My First Novel: Lucky Dog

A blog to follow the creation of Lucky Dog, my first novel, from outline through research, writing, editing, negotiations, and publishing.

Oaxaca Experiment Blog: non-fiction blog

An account of our year in Oaxaca, Mexico. Photos and text.

Scripts and films by Thomas Richardson: 1988 - present

A filmography and list of scripts with links to those available online.

Microblog on Narrative Twitter

Related to "Blogging my first novel" this is where I respond to minute ideas and narrative whims.

Webserial Flickr Photos Flickr

Part art, part document of life, these photos represent the EEG of my mind.

Webserial YouTube YouTube

This is where I host all the films I have available online.